Perfect View has adopted a philosophy that recognizes that UAS operations are a part of the complex, interconnected systems that make up the NAS.  In addition, Perfect View personnel have longstanding experience in conducting electric power infrastructure inspections and are well aware of the special safety issues that arise from working in this environment.  The PVAM Team consists of Professional Electrical Engineers, Electrical Operations Managers, FAA Licensed Pilots, Certified Thermographers and professional photographers.

The delivery of reliable electrical power and other utility services is essential in our demanding technological world. Manufacturers operating 24/7 depend on it to remain profitable as do commercial enterprises at all levels. It is critical in everyday life, at home, on the road, in business and for public safety. That is why the most successful utility companies take every precaution to prevent sudden outages, and why thermal imaging has become a core predictive maintenance tool in their ongoing inspection programs. They depend on thermal imaging for intensive regular substation surveys as well as quick safety checks of energized equipment before beginning maintenance work.  This helps utilities avoid costly service interruptions and exorbitant equipment losses. Deregulation in the electric utility industries in a number of states prompted utilities to become more cost-competitive, leading to the outsourcing of infrastructure work to contractors who could do the job more efficiently. Moreover, much of the transmission and distribution infrastructure in the United States is aging and in need of repair or replacement.

The Perfect View team has developed a system that incorporates the better of two emerging technologies, remotely piloted aerial systems and thermal imaging.  PERFECT VIEW has developed safe operating practices to provide customers with a safe, low cost aerial inspection program.

  • Substation Aerial Thermal
  • Overhead Power Line Video and photographic vegetation growth inspections
  • Overhead Power Line components Thermal inspections
  • Post Storm damage assessment
  • Live video Streaming (Thermal and HD)

The Perfect View team also consists of individuals who have been active members of the UAS hobbyists community and have a combined experience of over 40 years operating small UAS.  As a result, they have a keen awareness of issues affecting the safe use of UAS and the importance of thorough planning for both normal operations and for contingencies that might affect the safety of flight.