Our Work

Perfect View Aerial Media is your one stop site to everything Aerial Media has to offer. Whether it’s utility inspections, over-head images of Real Estate, or being trained to fly your own personal UAS, you have come to the right place.

What We Do

We offer professional grade Aerial photography & videos and provide footage not possible with full size aircraft. We are also a fraction of the cost! We are dedicated and passionate about aerial photography and providing the most stable camera platforms available. With over 14 years experience operating Unmanned Aerial Systems.

A stitch in time saves nine.

We're able to identify issues a lot sooner. This allows our clients to perform preventative maintenance avoiding catastrophic system failures.

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How We Work

PVAM’s 2 person teams consist of a Pilot in command ( PIC ) and an Image specialist ( IMG spec ). Our PIC duty is to plan the mission route and note any and all hazards on his flight log during preflight tailboard. During the flight the PIC maintains a constant visual on the drone while the IMG spec has control over both cameras ( Thermal & HD).

For 3 Phase Distribution inspections we start at the substation and perform a perimeter flight and scan for any hot spots, then we’ll Fly the distribution lines. The thermal camera helps them identify hot spots on the electrical system and IMG spec uses the HD camera to check for Frayed conductors, broken insulators, splice conditions and other abnormal conditions that may affect distribution reliability thus preventing failures before they occur.

Utility companies that  have a Drone inspection program in place, find it  helps make their electrical system safe, reliable, and saves the utility company thousands of dollars by conducting maintenance during regular business hours. The alternative is a major outage – one that could occur at night or on a weekend – and result in more expensive overtime work hours for the Utility . PVAM crews has helped our customers find  critical problems on Switches ,Conductors, splices, Insulators and poor or failed connections. Also this technology has even been beneficial for post checking construction quality.